Different ingress than usual

Ingress increased even though the audit was not completed. Are there other calculations that cannot be seen? (I understand that only 1% is received until the audit is over)

Or is it because they receive 1%, but it has increased because there are so many…

There are many performance tests being run now: some are including unvetted nodes. Enjoy the slightly higher payout! :money_mouth_face:


I got about 500gb ingress from SL in the last few hours, my average speed for the node is almost 300 mbits :slight_smile: (a personal best :slight_smile: ) but egress and everything else is as usual.


Wow, even unvetted nodes? :heart_eyes:

These are good days :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I literally came here due to the ridiculous ingress im getting on a new node (45 days old)

thanks for the info!


As i can see, this huge ingress not accounted by sat for now. It would not be paid.

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I hope it gets paid…:face_with_spiral_eyes:

Is it possible to rate limit this :joy: enjoying the traffic, but the ISP load is 200mb constant just about today for me

The ingress is not paid as such, but the storage of that incoming traffic is. Look at the last line with “Disk Usage Month”.

Your node looks quite small though with only 18.10GBm in 5 days. If I calculate it correctly it only has ~100GB right now.

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this is not about paying tb\month, this is about data coming in is not reported by satellite as stored on.

After bloom filter will be received or ttl expired, all that data will go to the trash without any reward (if data not counted by sat as stored on node).

Got first report form saltlake sat, +700 Gb will be paid, this is good news)

In 1.5 days i received 3TB data on one node, and 1.5TB on another.


It will. All used storage and egress is paid. Independently of the source.
The only unpaid data was in the beginning of the test (a few MB), now everything is paid.

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You likely need to wait. The satellites reports the usage roughly every 12h.

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they are going to disappear in 30 days.

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There will be a wind wave, but I believe it will go in a good direction in the end! :heart_eyes:

Just like the others here, I’m seeing massive amounts of ingress in the UI, however, network monitoring on the switches+internet gateway do not match these amounts. Is there a chance the UI is miscounting bandwidth?

Hello @friedkiwi,
Welcome back!

I do not see a high impact on your graphs. Did I miss something?

Could it be because of the situation above?

@Dr.Ko and @friedkiwi it’s likely related to the change in the v1.104.5:

but it should be fixed in the next versions

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