Different options to run a node?

Hello guys! I was wondering if any of you has some info on running a Storj node.

First of all I wanted to know if it’s feasible to rent a cloud machine (like AWS or Azure) and run the storj node on there, margining off some profit from the server rent.

If that’s not possible because the cloud rent is more expensive than the Storj earnings OR because the Terms&Condition of the cloud services prohibiting from running nodes. The best thing to do would be to get Raspberry Pis and attach SSD drives to them?

Thank you so much! I’m gonna go dig into the documentation now as well, but I really wanted to hear also the experience from another fellow developer on all this.

Its gonna cost you more to rent a cloud server.

ah ok so let’s rule out that option, in fact it looked too easy to be true ahahah

So running raspberry pis would be a better idea? Still should I be worried about electricity etc?

Please use existing hardware that is already online and running for some other purpose. Do not expect income from your node to pay your electricity bill or for purchasing new hardware.


If you have pi,s lying around use them if not do as @heunland said.
Use what you have running now. If you dont have anything on 24/7 but want to try for the fun of it I would recomend a pi. Lots of forum support and everything you need is easy to find