Different Storj versions for 2 nodes (v1.34.3 vs v1.24.4)

Hi, I have one node on Windows and the other through Docker on the same computer. I am running Docker version

My windows node is showing v1.34.3 but my docker node shows v1.24.4.

I also have just followed the instructions to enable Watchtower and verified it is running.

Is v1.24.4 the correct Docker version?

Should I update my Docker software from to 3.5.2?

Hi alacey,

If watchtower is running, your docker node should now update automatically. However I would suggest you do the manual update procedure for your docker node asap. I suggest this because nodes that are more than 2 minor versions out of date will be disqualified if they aren’t updated quickly enough. It may already be too late for your node, but it is worth a try. Watchtower can take up to 72 hours to update your node. For future reference, the current version number is (almost) always the same across all platforms.

I suggest you do not update your docker software, as I know people have had issues with newer versions. The official advice is to run docker .

Please, remove all Watchtower instances:

Then run it back: Software Updates - Node Operator
And as @baker said - please update the storagenode manually ASAP: Software Updates - Node Operator

Regarding upgrade of the Docker desktop - if you plan to switch to wsl2, then - yes.

I updated my docker node successfully following your steps. How do I know if I am disqualified or not?

Hi @alacey425,

If your node is disqualified, this should be visible in the node’s dashboard. :slight_smile: