Dimension node space

Good morning.
I have a great dilemma that I want to share with everyone. I seek opinion to see how others do it.
I have 4 enterprise-class HHD SAS units. Also each unit is 4TB.
I have been searching and I see that they advise against using RAID 5 because of the high failure rate in rebuilding in case of failure.
Therefore my first option was to RAID 10. However, mounting a RAID 10 means losing 8 TB and I do not see it easy to increase the disks in the future to the same RAID 10.
Therefore I do not know if they advise me to mount 4 nodes (one with each HDD) and start it up as the previous one fills up or how to do it. I know that I would lose all the information in case of failure and, therefore, all the statistics of the node identity.
I don’t know how the rest of the SNO choose to organize it, but it would be good to know their opinions a little.
Greetings Jan.

I would do this. Start the next node after the previous one is vetted.

This might help decide: RAID vs No RAID choice

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