Dirty ungraceful exit

Hi mates,

for some reasons I had no other option than to kill my 4,3 TB node ungracefully. Means I just shot all the data and created a new fresh node.

Do I still get my open undistributed payout?

Thanks in advance

If you killed the node without starting and completing the gratefull exit the hold is lost


That’s an incomplete answer though. Held amount is indeed lost, but undistributed payout because you didn’t meet the minimum payout requirements will be distributed once that minimum requirement is met. This can either be as a result of lower fees during a future payout or if you start a new node or have remaining existing nodes with the same wallet.


I would add, if you still has an old identity somewhere, you may opt-in for zkSync and start an empty node with this identity to notify satellites that you want to change your wallet options. After successful contact (it should be online) you may check your dashboard to make sure it’s switched and shutdown this identity.
zkSync doesn’t have a Minimum Payout Threshold, so you will receive an undistributed amount in the next payout period with 10% bonus.