Disable ipv6 possible

is that possible and if, how?

Hi Skibboo,

You mean from your ISP? You can call them and ask if they can give you a v4 address, but not all can. You can, apparently, also run through a VPN although it probably isn’t efficient. At some point we’ll have support for ipv6 but there are some barriers to that right now that need to be worked out. You can find previous posts about it here in the forum. It’s been discussed in great detail.


No i mean if this is needed by storj.
If not it could be disabled on cheap hosts with less power.

It’s not needed. You can use it, but our satellites doesn’t have an access to IPv6 because of the hosting provider (Google Cloud) and we doesn’t have a lot of customers who uses IPv6 only. Usually you need to have a dual stack.


Thanks for clarification

What you could also do, and I confirm it works, is using a (sub)domain and assign A (IPv4) and AAAA (IPv6) records.

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