Disable TTL data

Is it possible to disable receiving TTL data per node configuration?

This feature will be requested as soon as the deletion phase of the test data will start and people start whining…

TTL data is part of the Storj network, so if you don’t want this data you should just gracefully exit.


Thanks @Ambifacient. Marked it as solution.

(this thread was created to be on the safe side to cover the questions of the near future)

Every single upload needs both sides to agree. So I don’t see why there should be no options for SNOs to filter uploads.

Storj might not want to implement this but it’s open source so anyone can do.

Ref: Supplier Terms & Conditions


How about using my own node software built from scratch?

You can reject the TTL uploads. The success tracker will stop selecting your node after a short time. That is almost the same outcome as calling graceful exit.


But graceful exit is a one way ticket while any kind of traffic filter can be adjusted or disabled.

For now TTL seems to be not much used aside the test. So I just identfied the ip ranges used and set them to lowest priority in my firewall.

Does it revisit underperforming nodes later? For example, I have connection latency issues under load on one of my nodes; eventually I’ll fix them — is that node forever branded crappy or will its reputation with success tracker recover?

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From what i have seen it takes less than a minute to recover.

It will recover and that should take only minutes.