Disaster Recovery Plan


i’m currently planing how i want to recover my data and backups with storj and wanted to know, how you guys do it. My current backup strategy:

  1. Every important file is stored in my own seafile cloud server hosted on a dedicated machine
  2. The whole seafile-cloud server is backed up daily with restic (encrypted) on the seafile server
  3. The restic backup is then pushed to storj/tardigrade

The issue is… all my keys and passwords to the encrypted restic repositories, and also the access grants of storj/tardigrade are stored in keypass… which itself are stored on my seafile cloud.

So when s*it hits the fan (i have to flee the country, or i loose my seafile cloud server and my laptop with my keypass file), all my data is securely backed up in storj, but i can’t access it because i don’t have the passwords.

I thought about printing out the access grant and restic passwords and storing it at a safe place. But everyone who sees the paper has access to all my data.

Or another issue: What if i just hit my head and forget the password to the keypass file? Everything i store is encrypted and i would loose all data.

I’d like to hear how you solve that issue.


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This is an interesting discussion. Actual my Tardigrade encryption key is only in my head. And this can be an Issue

I’d put it on a USB stick and encrypt it with a freely available encryption utility. I would keep said stick off site, in the event of a disaster event that takes out the property where the computers are at. You can of course make copies of the stick so you have it multiple places.