Discourse and object storage

Just found this link:

2 thoughts:

  1. As Storj is obviously a customer of them, how about trying to get them as customer? As currently

Amazon AWS S3 configuration, which is officially supported and used internally by Discourse for our hosting services.

  1. At least Storj should try to get on that list:
Provider Service Name Works with Discourse?
Amazon AWS S3 Yes
Digital Ocean Spaces Yes
Linode Object Storage Yes
Google Cloud Storage Yes
Scaleway Object Storage Yes
Vultr Object Storage Yes
BackBlaze Cloud Storage Yes*
Self-hosted MinIO Yes
Azure Blob Storage Flexify.IO Yes
Oracle Cloud Object Storage No
Wasabi Object Storage Maybe
Cloudflare R2 No
Contabo Object Storage No

If you got a different service working, please add it to this wiki.




Thank you @jammerdan !
Passing this along to the team

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Hello @jammerdan !

Thank you for the recommendation!
Its always best if community and people actually interesting in using a specific provider make those requests on these platforms/products. That way there is a clear sign of “need”, rather than a company just trying to check their marketing/selling box.

Aside of that, the object storage for those backends typically suffer from lots of small files and the inefficient S3 protocol, rather than doing native calls directly to the network. The mastodon S3 integration is a good example of it working, but definitely not being as efficient as it could be. :slight_smile:

Maybe not ‘always’ but it’s a good way, that’s true.
Well in this case, where Storj could approach them as potential customers for their own hosting it would be easy to ask for inclusion on that list as well.

Being on that list would increase visibility and awareness for Storj for the other customers of Discourse which might be good. And if Storj is already talking to them, why not suggesting to make a native integration?