Discrepancy Between Disk Space on Dashboard and OS Reported Disk Space

My 800GB storagenode as reported by the dashboard is mostly full with 786GB of data with 1GB free and 12GB trash. My operating system however reports only 748GB used. image
I set my ext4 reserved space to 0% after reading PSA: Set reserved space to 0% on ext4. With over 150GB free, this tempts me to push my storagenode from 800GB to 900GB, even though I’d “only” have a 5GB reserve.
786GB used, 1GB free, 12GB trash

Try using df -H … that’s gonna give you a correct reading to compare with Storj output.

It’s the never ending tale of Gb vs GiB :wink:

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Yeah, increase it. The official recommendation is 10% free (900GB) but I’d personally set it to 980GB even

Wow thank you @mike. It never occurred to me that Storj was using SI units (multiples of 1000) as opposed to computer science “standard” multiples of 1024.

Both df -H and df --si will use SI units. df(1) - Linux man page

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You can specify an allocation in binary units too. However, the Storj’s software uses SI by default.