Discrepancy between earnings and payout

Hey guys,
Is it possible that payout is not made at once?
Just got payout but it is not full amount - I mean dashboard was showing ~5$ for last month.
Earnings calculator also was showing ~5$
Now (when I check last month) it shows
That I earned ~$2.00 and held amount is $1.47 where it should be ~$5 and held amount should be ~$3.50

It looks like my total egress bandwidth got incorrectly calculated - node earned ~2$ mostly for storing files (bandwidth is showing only 11GB) - earnings calculator (for last month) is showing 174GB
I am aware of HELD amount and this is different case.

Did something similar happened to anyone?
Is there a place where I can report this error for correction?

Below are pictures showing difference in reported BANDWIDTH values.
Take a look at difference in Bandwidth usage.

With new month that has started - this node after only 6 days has already accumulated 27GB of bandwidth usage.
![dashboard bandwidth for current month (only 6 days) already at 27GB

How much did you really get?
At “choose your satellite” you chose “all satellites”, right? - this cannot be seen from the screnshot

Yeah too much information was cut out from dashboard picture, sorry!
I replaced the picture with new one, including the “all satellites” dropdown.

if earnings.py and dashboard still show a difference, I would create a support ticket to find out what’s wrong. it shouldn’t be the db as earnings.py can read the higher value in downloads.

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Earnings.py shows the data collected by the node. After payout the dashboard shows the paystub data the payout was based on. They should be roughly the same. This discrepancy indeed seems too big. It can’t hurt to file a support ticket, but before you do make sure you’re looking at the most recent data on the dashboard. Also, if you had db issues recently that required you to do some repair, that may have effected the db’s earnings.py uses to make its calculations.

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Yeah, could be… though malformed was orders.db (which is not used in calculations),
I would venture that bandwidth.db could shed some light… possibly… :confused:

But used for actual payout…
If your node did not submit all orders to the satellite, they would not be paid unfortunately.
If you would file a support ticket you will be asked for logs for that period, please, prepare them


Looks like you already did that. If the orders.db was corrupted I think it was a reason. The logs can only confirm that, but do not change the result.