Discrepancy of version storj3

in windows 10 i update to v0.31.12, but when mouse near “node version”, it say “running the minimum allowed version v0.30.0”. Is it are ok ?

Yes it is OK, if you not update, and go to below minimum version, then you get DQ. Minimum version is always 1-2 version below last version.

… that everyone be in time update (some of us update manually). What is DQ ?

disqualification of node, and there is no way back, only new indentitu and start from scratch.

That tooltip should say: “Minimum allowed version: v0.30.0”. Or some other better formulation.

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running the minimum allowed version v0.30.0

That means you are running the minimum allowed version or newer

You are actually running v0.31.12 which is the most current one.