Discussion on Commercial Storage Node Operator Program

This is not about the quality, it’s about customers who requires SOC2.


i know i have been mostly negative about this new program…

but this is one of the upsides… more usage and knowledge about Storj DCS, which might benefit consumer tier SNOs indirectly.

Still not convinced it is going to be all good, but there has certainly been a lot of interesting debate about it.

and i hope StorjLabs will keep pushing for getting something like SOC2 and other certs on the consumer tier network, so we can steal that workload from the data centers :smiley:


In my analogy:
SOC2 = tomato quality

And you know that very well. That is just cheap way to doge my bullets.

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People who are not knowledgeable about It like certifications.
Heck, even ITIL was driven by accountants - NOT IT professionals.

But it is the bean counters who make many of the purchasing decisions and the location of Storj nodes in Datacenters does look more professional

I don’t see the new DC network cannibalizing home SNO’s at least in the short term. Because I think it is more likely those clients would simply not have been Storj customers to start with. You can’t lose what you never would have had.
For my own company we tend to stick with established players in markets - because we don’t like re-doing work that needs to be charged out to clients. So, we tend to be very “sticky” with our service suppliers.


They’re more similar than you think. I think many people do both of those things as a hobby and just to make some extra on the side. Not to outcompete the big players. It’s just fun and a little bit of cash is a nice bonus. Whether you sell tomatoes or run a node.
I wouldn’t call that greed.

SOC2 doesn’t judge quality. It doesn’t even judge security to be honest. Not in a cryptographic sense at least. It just tests very specific (kind of outdated in the context of a product like Storj) security mitigations. (As I’m sure you are well aware, I’m just stating it as context for others)
I don’t think this was a dodge. I was confused by your phrasing as well until I saw this response. It seemed you were suggesting the commercial network would be “better” in other ways too.

Well, I agree mostly. However it will depend on how that network is marketed. It being more profitable creates an incentive to upsell customers even if they don’t need the certifications. And it would be trivial to convince a customer that that network will also be more stable/secure/performant etc. So in the end whether or not it will in fact cannibalize the public network will depend a lot on how honest Storj marketing and sales will be in that process.

And given the video I posted here I still have my doubts about that: Discussion on Commercial Storage Node Operator Program - #44 by BrightSilence


With your analogy SOC2 is more like deliver the same tomatoes in the silver boxes exactly for people who believes (in the Corp world they are forced to): “they are healthier than the same tomatoes in wooden boxes, because silver has bactericidal properties”, despite the fact that you will need to wash them from dirt and dust (decrypt) anyway to be able to eat (deliver content) them.
Or even in the same wooden boxes but with a verified and confirmed certificate, that they are stored in the warehouse made of silver.


Just not to open another thread, Backblaze has will increase by $1 starting Oct. 3.

Backblaze will soon make several updates to B2 Cloud Storage as part of our continuing work to provide the best high-quality, low-cost cloud storage alternative to traditional cloud providers like AWS. I’m writing today to outline the changes, which involve updates to our pricing as well as platform improvements you can expect to see in the months ahead. I’ll unpack them one by one:

  • Storage Price Increase: Effective October 3, 2023, we are increasing the monthly pay-as-you-go storage rate from $5/TB to $6/TB. The price of B2 Reserve will not change.

  • Free Egress: Also effective October 3, we’re making egress free (i.e. free download of data) for all B2 Cloud Storage customers—both pay-as-you-go and B2 Reserve—up to three times the amount of data you store with us, with any additional egress priced at just $0.01/GB. Because supporting an open cloud environment is central to our mission, expanding free egress to all customers so they can move data when and where they prefer is a key next step.

  • Product Upgrades: From Object Lock for ransomware protection, to Cloud Replication for redundancy, to more data centers to support data location needs, Backblaze has consistently improved B2 Cloud Storage. Stay tuned for more this fall, when we’ll announce upload performance upgrades, expanded integrations, and more partnerships.

Some things that aren’t changing: Storage pricing on committed contracts, B2 Reserve pricing, and unlimited free egress between Backblaze B2 and many leading content delivery network (CDN) and compute partners are all not changing. And, of course, there’s no change in our commitment to providing performant yet affordable cloud object storage for every customer who entrusts B2 Cloud Storage with their data.

You can find more information on the Backblaze blog including a FAQ covering some of the questions you might have, and you can always reach our Support Team at hello@backblaze.com for questions specific to your business.

Thank you for your continued business,

Gleb Budman

CEO, Backblaze

Yeah, that is my point! It works if you do it on the side with stuff you already own. It does not work, if you invest against the big players. (You are an outliner thanks to first mover advantage).

Thank you for highlighting my point!

While also making egress free (3 times the amount of storage). Not sure if that is a win for STORJ.

Too late.


Just a few questions

  • So its’s something like filecoin?
    Maybe I’am wrong but what I so much like about Storj project is it is so decentralised vs filecoin etc…
    If you add the big company’s to the public network you really become decentralised even for them.

  • Why not give the give the ‘small public network’ a change to become SOC2 with ‘self assesment software’ ?

    • Lot of coding and maybe yet another contract with a software company…
      Big company’s maybe not as happy, but it will come close, no?
  • A big plus for all the storagenode who can provide that self assesment SOC2. Nodes fill up more quickly, maybe you can even stop with transition of the pricing because you will need a lot of storage SOC2.

Please don’t be like filecoin. Multiple Pb on one location, nothing decentalised by that!

I guarantee you really make a big impact on how storage should be handled in the future…

Thank you for listing to my thoughts,

and please comment


Hello World

A SOC2 audit can cost upwards of 10k, and that’s not including the costs needed to comply, which can be significant (Over $140,000 in one estimate). Also, a lot of these types of certifications require physical security (Cameras, locks, processes and procedures) on top of employee policies to report things and how that all gets managed and reported.


Okay, was afraid you gonna say somerhing like that. But there must be also a way in the middle, no? I mean a lot of company’s woul propably pay more for better encription, more secured dedicated installed storagenode. Ensured backup, bandwith, … Must be somerhing you could do to try to keep maybe smaller companies on the mainnet as mush as possible. So you deffintly not end like filecoin.

I would like to see if you can diverse yourself from the rest (icp,filecoin).

The totally decentralised storage of storj is something to be proud of. Would be a shame to give it away…

If it is possible :slight_smile:

We have companies with large data sets on the public network and I know of one adding half a petabyte of data by October. And we continue to add companies to the public network all the time. The data center side is for customers who need something very specific. It is a more contractual and planned deployment which takes longer to put together and deploy. As mentioned, we are still in the early stages of this. The existing product works great for most customer’s needs and because of it’s large distributed network of SNO’s it makes it ideal for some types of applications looking for high speed and secure distribution.

Also, I think before too long we’ll see adoption of other companies becoming Satellite owners and distributing paid data on SNO drives. The long term public side has a bright future because it can grow beyond Storj Labs customer base. There are still steps to get from here to there, but as changes get deployed things continue to improve for everyone and it gets better all the time.


Thanks for the more specific explanation. We will see what the future brings.

Is there a public display of customers adding data soon? Or can we get any regular communication of big customers adding data? Slap as many TBD stickers on it as you need, I would just like to see potential future network additions. Even if its only 50% accurate.

The short answer is No. We don’t have any control over what customers do and even if they tell us what their plans are, those plans can change. It is whatever timeline the customer is on and how things are executed on their end. Same as if you went to Amazon and paid for S3. You wouldn’t send them a message that you are about to upload 50 TB of data.

There are capacity planning allocation discussions but this doesn’t mean the customer will ultimately use the capacity they have requested.


100% agree, I just enjoyed seeing

and would like to see more COMPLETELY UNTRUSTABLE AND INACTIONABLE updates like that. Only for fun.


If I see anything of significant size reported to be imminent, I will consider mentioning it. However, for those who always want more details, that will be the extent of what I share. The customer decides what they are going to do, and I’m not Nostradamus over here predicting their activities.

I want to give SNO’s the opportunity to know when peak traffic may be coming in so our service is optimal. I just want to check expectations that although we may hear once in a while the plan to add data or pull data, those plans can and often do change.


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