Disk allocation size does not work

since 0.29.3 I cant to resize (increase) node allocated size. it just ignore new size and always shows old value in console dashboard.
I do this more than once for different nodes and everything worked before.
what is happening?

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Sorry, I can’t confirm it. I successfully added 1T to my node right now




  1. docker stop storagenode -t 300
  2. docker rm storagenode
  3. edit docker run string and increase STORAGE="6TB" to STORAGE="7TB"
  4. save config
  5. launch new docker run... command

We have crystal ball synchronized both, cheers. :wink:
But this does not work

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I would say rename your old config.yaml.bak making sure its not over writing your settings.

looks like minimum size of expansion is about 100gb

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