Disk occupied, but Disk Space Used does not count

Hello everyone,

I am kind of a newbie to Storj even if I have been mining for 3 months. Recently, something weird happened to my node, and I cannot understand what is this problem. See the picture below.

I have a 4TB node running for 3 months, never turn off the node unless the docker needs to be updated, and it is working perfectly for 3 months.

However, on the day before yesterday, I found that the Disk Space Used dropped dramatically from 98 TB*h to 2 TB*h, but the Disk is still occupied (both showed in the dashboard and my computer), and the Ingress Bandwidth is quite low. Therefore, I think the data is not replaced by new data, and the node is still maintaining the old data, which should be counted for the Disk Space Used (in TB*h).

Initially, I suppose the information on the dashboard is not updated, so I wait for another day. As you can see in the picture, the Disk Space Used is 1.73 Tb*h yesterday, even lower than the day before.

How can I check what is the problem? Is anyone have the same problem here?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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