Disk Space remaining

Hey here,

Ive got a question, my Node Dashboard shows that ive got 249GB of data left but “df -h” shows me 187GB.
Im running a 6TB drive, formatted to 5.5TB and i know that i allocated to storj 5 TB.
How can i fix it?

What will happen if i run out of space?

Try df -H (capital H), to display sizes with international units.

By default, df displays sizes in TiB, not in in TB.

If you run out if space, it was pretty bad a few months back. Dunno how the node program reacts to that now, but if in doubt, you should reduce the amount of space allocated to the node before the disk is full, I think.

It is recommended to leave a 10% overhead buffer of free space versus actual disk capacity.

Running out of space can lead to database corruption and disqualification.

The node would not be able to write to the databases, which is needed for pretty much all operations. In short, you want to prevent this at all costs. If you have more overhead than 10%, lower your allocation to compensate for that and make sure you never run out of physical space entirely.

I seem to have a similar issue and I don’t quite follow …

Dashboard shows

df -H

and my docker run
-e STORAGE=“1.7TB” \

So where’s the 253GB remaining coming from?

Its been stuck on 253GB for a number of days now which is concerning too…

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Yea, OK - 284GB - but its been stuck for days - I read somewhere else the trash is cleaned every 7 days so I guess I have to wait and hope it sorts itself out…?

sudo du --si -d 1 /media/storjdisk/storage
2.6M /media/storjdisk/storage/temp
1.5T /media/storjdisk/storage/blobs
4.1k /media/storjdisk/storage/garbage
284G /media/storjdisk/storage/trash
1.8T /media/storjdisk/storage

Certainly explains where my ‘missing’ disk went … :thinking:

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The trash is not cleaned every 7 days, files older than 7 days get removed. You can check how many files are how old in your trash folder with this command

for i in {1..8}; do c=$(find /media/storjdisk/storage/trash/ -mindepth 1 -type f -mtime -$i |wc -l); echo "Day $i: $c"; done

Depending on the amount of files this command will run a few minutes until it returns something.

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@donald.m.motsinger sudo for i in {1..8}; do c=(find /media/storjdisk/storage/trash/ -mindepth 1 -type f -mtime -$i |wc -l); echo “Day $i: $c”; done

-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `do’

It is all one line and you’re missing a $ before the first opening bracket. Please copy and paste it after sudo.

Sorry, don’t know what happened there… was a cut and paste … still only works if I su in first…


Day 1: 9173
Day 2: 9173
Day 3: 9487
Day 4: 31672
Day 5: 68356
Day 6: 151279
Day 7: 163214
Day 8: 163214