Disk space used full? Dashboard still shows September?

It seems to me that storj thinks I have ran out disk space or bandwidth. See the image below. I actually have both plenty. Also the dashboard still thinks it is september.

Could you please try run console dashboard and share result?

docker exec -it storagenode /app/dashboard.sh --color

Now I did restart to the node but this picture you asked were the same before as well:


Actually I am quite disappointed that storj did not tell me any error or warning that something were wrong (or still is). I just thought the disk usage is so low because there is no demand. I was already thinking to dump the storj thing at all.

@karupoegpuhh You are running an out of date SN. You need to update to latest version 0.23.4

Use automatic updates


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All right, thanks. Why not to program the storj node software so that when run then two subprocess will start (one for the tower for automatic updates and one for the node itself).
That way no other beginner like me can not run old versions for decades.

This is only for Windows.