Disk usage discrepancy?

Then please check them all

Because there could be only a few reasons of not updated databases:

  1. DBs are broken
  2. You have database locks which prevents them from updating
  3. the lazy filewalkers fail during the run
  4. The node has been restarted in the middle of the filewalker process (any) - they will start over when their trigger would appear (they do not have a memory about already scanned pieces, because it’s wiped out during restart)
  5. You have FATAL errors, which causes stop or restart the node and reset of all running filewalkers progress
  6. You disabled a used-space-filewalker on start but have any of problems above or a side usage (chia mining, etc.)
  7. You didn’t perform How To Forget Untrusted Satellites
  8. You use a network filesystem (any) or heterogenic virtualization (Linux on Windows or Windows on Linux) or NTFS under Linux or exFAT on any OS (or any other filesystem with a huge cluster size).