Disk Usage + Traffic

Hello everyone,

I joined this comunity few days ago, note is operational, internet speed is 1000/500.

This all goes slow, when can I expect to have more data on disk which is 6TB?

Thank you!

So the thing is
first month don’t expect to get more than 50gb because you need to get veted

and otherwise don’t expect much data unless you are very lucky. In most months I have 300/30 net speed an I got 500-800gb a month ingress

So a few months at least

And my second node in a different county is 5 months old and has only 750gb so it depends some nodes have more traffic some have less.

give it a few months and than you will be able to see

Welcome @mabencic

There is no such thing as ‘normal’ traffic or usage as it is determined by random customer ingress and egress.

Take a copy of this google sheet and put in your own numbers to see an estimate of what your node might experience: