Disk utilisation

Hi team,

Utilisation is growing about 20 GB per day.
But the graph goes down.

Is this normal?

Yes, it get’s corrected over time.

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Hiya @skibboo - I have this very same image on all of my nodes. Quite weird.

That graph only updates once orders have been processed by the satellites. Depending on how busy the satellites are it can take from a couple of hours to a couple of days for the graph to update for all satellites.


Same here:

Great response - it should be marked “solution” for this thread.

Can I extract from this, that the satellites are very busy at the time?

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Hi all-

I am also seeing this with a >25% impact to my node. How does this lag/gap affect earnings calculations (if at all)? In my node’s dashboard, the us1.storj.io satellite dropped from 2.51TB on Sunday to 0.0TB through present. This is bringing down the average daily usage for the node. All other satellites seem normal.

Hardware stats still reflect that the 2.5TB are being used (total disk usage for storj is still approaching 9TB).

Hello @coindigz,
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It shouldn’t affect payout. Just tally took more time than usual, the graph should be corrected after a while.

What I dont get is this -
how is this taking up 5TB if I only used 118GB?

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What’s filesystem on this drive? If it’s exFAT, it will overuse the disk space because it uses a huge cluster size. I would recommend to migrate to NTFS asap, exFAT is not robust and not effective for storagenode.

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yeah it is I guess I have to back up the contents and then format the drive and restore

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Yes, and it’s better to do it sooner than later, while your node is small.

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4k or ~4096 bytes is the correct cluster size for your drive

I believe it’s a default cluster size for NTFS,

Yes. But you can still choose a wrong one.

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Don’t forget to stop the node for that.
Good Luck

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