Display per-satellite storage space stats

When changing the “Choose your satellite”, the “Total Disk Space” section doesn’t change to reflect per-satellite usage, it should.

by now we only display total usage according to node’s usage stats

Yes but not per-satellite, per-satellite would be nice since you can see all other data on per-satellite basis. It’s all there anyways, just not displayed.

that’s a good point, we will discuss it and probably add such function in future, thanks for response!


You can see this when you first run the GE command.

You then should not actually Gracefully Exit, just look at what it shows the totals as.

One wouldn’t want to get near such a command without intending on running it, similar to any delete commands.

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It isn’t similar to a delete command, in order to GE, one must specifically enter satellite names and such and confirm it. You can’t just keep hitting enter and accidently GE or something.

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I see. But you still can’t do that over the website.

Honestly you should be able to see per satallite.

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After 1.6.3 we have added a piechart and it’s a total usage, it’s not per satellite.

As a SNO, I would rather see data in tabular form instead of fancy graphs. Right now, I have to resort to toggling over the tabs for each satellite and mouse over the fancy graphics to get ingress/egress. As a SNO, we want to know what the node is doing without having to resort to command line and 3rd party scripts. We want more data and easy to access.

-Storage used per satellite.
-Traffic used per satellite. ingress/egress shown in tabular form without having to hover over the “fancy graphs”. Also having to mouse over by day to see the totals is annoying.
-$ earned from each satellite.
-Audits results per satellite without having to click through all the tabs.
-Reasons for failed audits displayed on the dashboard.

edit: I might have been too hard. “Fancy graphs” do tailor to less technical SNOs but there should be an “Advanced mode” offered so SNOs that want to drill down into more details, can be able to see it.

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Maybe it’s worth to move it as a separate Idea?

It would be enough for me to get the space used per satellite in the API. My current method of taking the GB*h from the previous day and dividing it by 24 hours gives somewhat weird results.

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GBh is great for accounting but it’s not a good dashboard value. Dashboard should give you comprehensive status at a glance. It should provide a lot of information that is easy to digest.
I mean all the advanced values should be there too, but make sure the simple ones are there first.

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