Disqualification after data recovery

I operated a 2TB node for years now, but a few days ago my HDD started dying. I already made a succesfull migration when I upgraded from raspberry PI and everything went well back then. So I thought it shouldn’t be a problem. It took two days with rsync but I succesfully backed up ~90% of the data to a new disk. I switched back the node online with the new HDD in it and went to sleep, but overnight it got disqualified on every satellite. On the dashboard it shows only ~200GB stored data however I backed up almost 1,9TB. What happened? What can I do now? I really have to start from scratch with an empty node with the 15 months rule and everything?

90% is bad result, you shold always have 100% working data.

Sure, I understand but I had a few bad sectors and only ~90% was successfully recovered. What I don’t understand is why the dashboard shows only ~200GB used space if I restored almost the full 2TB. And now I have to create a fully new node or I can use the same identity?

did you also recovered databases?
Because without it node dont know how much data it has.

Yes, I did. I really cannot understand what happened. Maybe the majority of the restored data went corrupt somehow? AFAIK I dont even have any tool to verify my data against the other network peers. By the way it would be very useful in such scenarios.

You would need to start again with a new identity. Whilst it is technically possible that only having 90% of recovered data would mean your node wouldn’t be disqualified any data loss can lead to disqualification.

It has previously been discussed about having a node repair or rebuild process, but the answer (from StorJ contacts) was:

  • it’s not in the best interest of the network as the node has technically lost files, so is unreliable.
  • the cost for repair traffic would be too great for the node operator that it wouldn’t be worth it.
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I’m sad, but okay :frowning:
One more thing: can I use the same ethereum and email address, or should I use a new one?

Yes, the same wallet and email. Just generate a new identity.

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