Disqualification due to downtime?

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I have just moved places and I will probably have to wait a few weeks before I get a good internet connection (the apartment is not yet wired with coax or fiber). In the meantime I am using a 4g modem which does not allow me to do any kind of port forwarding.
I lost track of the consequences due to downtime for node operators. Is there a maximum amount of downtime after which your node is disqualified? What are the risks I incur more generally?
I think that the docs would deserve a section on common questions encountered during node operation, including how uptime/audits work.

anything less than 30 days downtime is fine, above that i’m unsure but i think there is a point at or above 30 days where a node would be DQ for downtime.
so i would try to get in under the 30 day mark, if at all possible… also keep in mind that your node’s data will degrade over time the longer the node is offline.

usually not to bad but it still happens.


Can you reiterate this? I can’t seem to find a solid source of information, as multiple sources are reporting having not been suspended after 12+ hours of downtime.

Is the 30-day downtime for the lifespan of the node? The topic of downtime punishment is still quite confusing to me…

downtime or online score is based upon a rolling 30 day avg of uptime, monitored by the audits data gets.

for a node to reach 60% online score it will need to be offline for a full 12 days, equal to 288 hours.
at 60% online score a node is suspended, suspension means it will not get any ingress until the suspension is lifted, which will happen either when the node is above 60% or when it stops being offline (i think its the former, but i could be mistaken)

nodes that has had over 30 days of downtime has been disqualified, tho i’m unsure if that is actually active and wasn’t just a one time clean up event to get rid of offline network nodes that never came back to the network.

it’s very difficult to get DQ due to downtime, if even possible currently…

i don’t think there is kept track of lifetime downtime of nodes, it will all work over the 30 day avg online score…

the online score is a bit more complex than just being the avg, which is describe in the blueprint linked above in my previous post.

the easiest way to think about it is that the online score is the % of time online a node has been over the last 30 days and 12 days offline is the 60% mark, which one should avoid…

lets say your node is offline for 3 days, so that is 1/4 of the 12 days and 1/4 of the 40% which the 12 days represent, so the node would after 3 days of downtime have an online score of 90%.
when the node then comes back online, it will take 27 days until the 3 days of downtime start pass out of the rolling 30 day avg online time.

no idea where you got the 12 hour from


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