Disqualification for downtime


My ISP had a central error and the whole district had no internet for nearly 20 hours. My question is that, due to that 20 hours, can I be disqualified? Is that 5 hour offline time is still turned off? Is there any plan to have something like a hibernated state for a node if something like this happens in the future?
Honestly, if your internet service provider has a serious problem which cannot be solved within that 5 hour window, thats something which is beyond the node operators control…honestly I dont want to start again the whole setup/vetting/75% process…I know…gracefull exit and I got everything which is helded back, but this can be happen with anyone and anytime, it would be nice if there is a planned solution for this.
Thanks for the answers!

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My ISP says my fiber connection has been cut and may be awhile before they can fix it. Covid-19 and all. :frowning:

So, will all my nodes which have otherwise had 99.xx% uptime for up to a year be disqualified because of something completely out of my control? If so, that would be terrible. Surely, there must be some programmatic way to confirm the node has been running while the connection to it has been down ( = flag likely ISP fault = not disqualified)?

This is exactly how “home” connection differs from a “datacenter” one. Hopefully the new DQ policy will take this into account.

I don’t think downtime DQ is enabled yet though.

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You can use two internet connections and if one fails update your dns records to the other connection. If I’m a user which stores data on storj I don’t care if your connection is down or not, I just want to have access to my data :slight_smile:

OK, sure, but then the price will be higher than $1.5/TB and $20/TB because of higher costs of the additional internet connection.

If you want datacenter-grade reliability, you will have to use a datacenter and pay datacenter prices. Then you costs will be higher and data will be more centralized.

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I would happily add ISP redundancy, BUT that [expletive] ain’t free. :slight_smile:

If Storj ever sees somewhere near previous highs, it might make sense. At recent prices - nope. :slight_smile: