Disqualification operators receive when exiting

The main problem here is that the disqualification operators receive when exiting. If this had not happened, then there would have been “no problem”. In the meantime, it looks like a deliberate act. After all, so far there has not been more than one operator whose exit failed through his fault, and not the receiving node.

You don’t need to see conspiracies everywhere. The developers are working on a fix. As far as I know, no one has yet lost money due to an unsuccessful Graceful Exit if the audit score was 100%


How long? Why, if it is known that there is a problem, then the temporary disqualification for the percentage of transmission errors will not be removed?

In the same way, I was asked to wait and not delete files, because the functionality to normally delete millions of files will be very soon. So what, where is he?

It’s not known. The very little amount of started GE have been affected.
Devs collected enough information to make some fixes.

Could you elaborate what the fix you are waiting for? Delete files after GE? If so, it should be in the 1.8.x

This. Wow, 28 says ago…

Because that is not the reason the storage nodes are getting disqualified. Sure we could change the percentage but we would still expect the bug to show up.


In my experience with Graceful Exit (which I performed a while back as I plan to revamp the hardware on that machine), I got paid the full held amount and got DQ’d on 3 satellites after the GE completed successfully on 4 satellites (but before I was paid). Honestly as long as it doesn’t impact my held amount payout, DQ’ing nodes that have undergone GE seems appropriate (though as far as I can recall, it’s supposed to be invalidating the identity rather than the DQ entry which is probably the bug that skunk and the team are dealing with fixing atm.)