Disqualification question


I had an issue with a disk on one of my nodes plus I suffered through my ISP (Rogers) being down for several days. All seems to have resulted my node being disqualified. Anyway, the message says this is not reversible but will require me to register a new node. My question is what happens to the STORJ that was earned on the old node prior to the disqualification? Will that still be paid even though I will be running a newly register node?

Sorry to hear that :frowning:
Has it been DQed on all satellites?

It will be paid whether or not you start a new node, as long as you reached the minimum payment threshold (if you’re getting paid on L1 - if using zksync, there is no threshold yet).
If not it will be kept until fees are low enough, or until your new node earns enough Storj tokens, if you registered the same payment address on your new node.

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no, DQed on 2 of 6… Interesting that there is no way to clear this other than starting a new node. Kinda heavy handed… :slightly_frowning_face:

Thx for the response…

Depending on the quantity of data the remaing satellites hold on your node and their network activity, it might be worth keeping your node running.

By the way I forgot to mention something about DQed sats’: held amounts associated to satellites that disqualified your node are lost, unfortunately. It may be obvious, but I thought I would mention it anyway.

Thx, didn’t think about the held amount but now that you’ve mentioned it that is a bit of a kick in the teeth. I recall reading that somewhere in the past but figured I would never be in that situation.

BTW, I am still running the old node because I wasn’t sure if taking it down would result in me losing what I had. Now that I know it doesn’t I can make an informed decision.

Thx again…

Held amount is lost on the 2 DQed sats’, but you may want to run a graceful exit so you get your held amounts back on the other sats.

Or just keep it running normally while you start your new node: as long as you don’t mix up identities and ports, the new and old node should be fine, and you’ll see how the old node goes :slight_smile:
Maybe you’ll end up keeping it in the end.


It is really worth to check which satellites you have been disqualified, as 3 of them are test satellites which might not result in a big loss anyway.
If you start a new node I would keep running the old node and make a graceful exit when it has reached the minimum age. This way you would save most of your earnings.