Disqualified cause HDD blowup

After i was disqualified after 24h cause of a HDD blowup i restarted my node with a new identity. All other configs are as bevor. Is this ok or do i also have to change hostname and/or email address? I ask this because my Grafana is still showing audit at 80%.


Hi @web4yougmbhch
If you have removed your old data and started with a new identity then email, wallet, hostname, etc. can all be the same.

Ok yes i removed all my old data on my DriveShare mount. But after more than 6 hours my dashboard still looks like this:

This means your old identity is still being used, or the new one has already lost data. Please double check the old identity is completely gone. No files remain.

The satellite might still be looking for your old node at that ip:port if it used the same port. I would hope that it would check the signature though and quickly conclude that node is no longer available at that port.

Are you sure you used a new identity? It looks like you’re either using the same identity, or the same databases as before. You need to make sure you start completely clean. New ID, empty storage location. Then run the setup with the new identity and start the node.

You can keep the config file, but you shouldn’t keep anything else.

They can’t. The SETUP=true will fail if config file is exist


Good point. Haven’t started a new node since this is in place so I overlooked it. To be honest, I can’t figure out how this situation even happened.

I guess you could copy the old config back after running setup though.

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Yes! There i had 8 files instead of 6. Nwo it works tnx

Is the node has the same NodeID?