Disqualified node on one satellite

So i made a mistake in migrating my CLI to GUI. now my node is dq in one satellite. will this prevent me from earning? should i just create a new node ask for a new key? when i do, can i format the drive that i used? Thanks…

How old is your node ? How much data does it have now ?

about a year i think… before i transferred to GUI, CLI showed about 500GB used.

That’s really sad to get DQ over migration. Which satellite DQed your node ?

Asia, and just now stefan-benten… So you think i could just format my drive and start over?

Might already be too late now, but check that everything is pointed to the correct folders. Make sure that the data is where it expects it to be, not in a subfolder for example. What is probably happening now is that you pointed the new GUI node to a folder that was empty, so it “started over”.

Unfortunately your node has probably gathered enough new data for it to be disqualified anyway if you restore the path. You will likely have to delete everything and start over.


@Derkades is right, you should change the storage.path option in the "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml", save the config file and restart the storagenode service,
You can merge the new blobs folder to the old one - in this case your node will have a old and new data together, however, your databases will not be aware of that new data and will not show that used space as used, but storagenode will not fail audits anymore.

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@Alexey with that change will the dq disappear?

Anyway, got a new key and just started a new node.


No, but it can prevent the disqualification on remaining satellites.
But it doesn’t matter since you started from scratch