Disqualified nodes

Hello, i am new to Storj and stuggeled to even set it up and running and took me many days and i am not sure what mistakes i have made but my nodes are both disqualified.

Can anybody help me?

Hello @Mikey89,
Welcome to the forum!

The disqualification is permanent for this identity. This means that unfortunately, we will not be able to reinstate the node on the satellite(s) it was disqualified on.

The reason for disqualification on a specific satellite right now can only be a too low audit success rate on that satellite. Please note that the reason for failing audits could be that the pieces being audited are no longer held on your node - they were deleted by the SNO on purpose or accidentally, or files were corrupted - for example, by a power outage. Another possibility is that the SNO attempted to migrate their data to a new disk location and in the process, did not copy over all pieces properly. Some SNOs have tried to migrate their node from a Windows CLI install with Docker to the new Windows GUI. If they did not properly specify the folder where the data they already collected with the Docker node was stored, then the Windows GUI will start storing new data in the new folder and the user ends up failing audits because the old pieces of data are not in the new data folder. So when switching from Docker to the Windows GUI, it is very important to specify the correct data directory, including the storage subfolder (not copying the path directly from the old config.yaml where the storage subfolder is not shown in the path). Finally, some nodes are still using an incorrect mount with the -v instead of the --mount option, which can lead to files becoming inaccessible (this is most common with Unraid).

You can verify your audit score on each satellite using these scripts: Script for Audits stat by satellites

If you are not disqualified on all satellites, you may choose to continue running the node on the remaining satellite(s). If it is already disqualified on all satellites, unfortunately, you will have to shut down this node and start a new one with a new identity. You cannot reuse the same identity of the old node. You would have to request a new invite at https://storj.io/sign-up-node-operator/ to receive a new auth token which you will use to sign a new identity, following our setup instructions. When requesting an invite, please be sure to use Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser only with ad-blockers and PiHole or similar apps deactivated. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope you will understand that we need to assure that our customers will always be able to retrieve their files reliably, which requires that our nodes do not lose the data pieces they were entrusted with.