Disqualified, ok, and now?

After my first installation and a lot of test, one of the sattelite of my node is disqualified.
So, what will happend ?
What must i do ?



Welcome to the forum! @thierry

How old is your node ?

Once disqualified there is nothing you can do with that satellite. Also its the node that gets disqualified not the satellite :slight_smile:

My node works (finally) since 1 day
Indeed, the node is disqualified too.
And so, i repeat, what must id o ?

First you need to find out what disqualified your node so you can avoid making same mistake again. Which satellite shows your node as disqualified?

I think it’s because i tried first on another NAS and i didn’t transfer the data ;-(

The satelite is asia-east-1.tardigrade.io:7777

You nothing can do, if you didn’t transfer all data. Your node could be disqualified on other satellites soon.
If that happened, you need to create a new identity, sign it with a new authorization token and start from scratch.

Make sure you delete your old identity and data too before you start over

Ok, i started from scratch.
I cross my fingers.

Thanks for tour help.


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