Disqualified on one satellite

I have about 200$ in reserved. That seems worth it. The node is older than 6 months.

But I might be forced to leave it behind. Gracefull exit doesnt work, gives no useful feedback on what the error is… I posted it here: Graceful Exit Guide

You dont have 200 held for EU north.do you?..Maybe 200 total my eu node only has 5dollars held considering eu north is one of the newest satellites… But im pretty sure the highest held amount was stefen which you should have already gotten back?

You are right, on EU north I have held 25$, the rest is on stefan, about 178$

Interesting that by storage used over 90% is on EU north (4tb used altogether, eu north holds 3.8tb, the rest of the satelites, which are all disqualified hold a few gb or even mb each).

So this held amountof 178$ on stefan is as well as gone for me now? I cant do anything about it?

Well Did you check your wallet to see if you got a higher payout then normal, I would check there first you may have already gotten it. Less you node was offline before the payout happened?

It’s disqualified March, 24. Five months ago.
@krilson Unfortunately all held amount from those satellites is used to recover the lost data.

@Alexey ok, tnx for the info. And everyone else for the help.

I wiped it and created a new node now. :slight_smile:

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It was disqualified for too much download timeouts during audits. Your node was unable to provide a few kb with 5 minutes timeout for audit. With 4x attempts for each audited piece.