Disqualified - Permanent?

Good morning all.

I’ve been running my node for about a year with minimal issues, payouts occurring, etc.

Last week, I went out of town and a huge storm knocked out power for 12 hours. As I couldn’t restart the NAS remotely, Storj was offline for almost a week, probably 5-6 days total.

Now, I am disqualified on all servers, showing 0% online.

What are my next steps to restore? I read some threads about it being permanent. Does that mean completely remove all the data too, it’s done for, and I need to open a new docker if i’m interested in starting a node from scratch AND rebuilding the “reputation” and data up again?

There are some contradictions in your post. It will take 30 days offline for a node to have 0% online score. And unless there have been 30+ days of consecutive offline time your node will just be suspended and not disqualified. You can recover from suspension, but not from disqualification.

Are you certain it was only 6 days? Does it actually says disqualified and not suspended? Are your other scores 100%?

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Very odd then… I thought the same! It was absolutely less than 7 days. I was only gone 6 and power went out maybe a day after i left for my trip.

At the top of my screen I see this (IDs removed in-case they are unique):

Your node has been disqualified on XYZ XYZ XYZ XYZ XYZ XYZ. If you have any questions regarding this please check our Node Operators thread on Storj forum.

Screenshot below.

The IDs are satellite IDs, they are the same for everyone.

Do you have logs showing normal traffic 6 days ago? Might be good to post some just to show it worked fine. I actually saw something similar on a test node I have on testnet, which dropped to 0% after 2.5 hours of downtime. Though they were testing some stuff on that satellite, so it might not be related.

Let’s start with posting some logs of normal traffic and wait for someone from Stork to respond. You may also want to create a support ticket and provide those logs and include your node ID.

Will do… any idea where to find logs? =) - I’m on a docker container in qnap

Seems in the Limbo, if you did not redirect them to the file.
To check logs: How do I check my logs? | Storj Docs
But likely they will show the start a few hours ago.

@BrightSilence is right - the online score 0% meaning that you node were offline much more than 6 days.

I did not redirect the file, and you’re right, I only see logs for today now.

Is it 30 days “consecutive” or 30 days “ever” ? I for sure was not offline more than a few days consecutively. But nevertheless, I assume there is no coming back from this?

Unfortunately no, there is no coming back.

To fall below 60% it should be offline for more than 12 days. To 0% - 30 days (unless your node is new, i.e. less than 30 days old, in this case the online score could fall to 0% relatively fast - for a few days). However disqualification for downtime is applied to nodes which have had a last contact more than 30 days ago.
So, perhaps disqualification was for losing data, not downtime.

Super odd. I may try another, tbd =).