Disqualified without reason

Hello, the node worked stably for more than 22 months, and 1 satellite was disqualified, the screenshot shows that only he, the rest are working properly, perhaps you had problems with the server, my node worked stably.
node ID:12aTHGbgHd69BeonBQKe27biLUKYAZP1YhsJcHr11GervDPDq8A

Audit below 96% is the reason for DQ

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But on the rest the audit is 100%

You are DQ only on 1 settelite, rest of them not.


Hello @Mishanstvo- we’ve been noticing something wrong with that node on our side as well. It seems that it suddenly sent a whole lot of pieces into the trash that weren’t supposed to be in the trash. When the pieces were requested later, and your node couldn’t find them in main storage, it checked the trash and found them there. We get an alert if a node reports that this has happened, and this node is the only one that has been reporting it. So that is definitely the reason for the audit failures and the disqualification.

We’d be really interested to know if there was anything out of the ordinary that happened on that system that you noticed, and would you mind sharing your logs going back to the beginning of May?


@thepaul Sorry, but the logs from the docker container are not saved, there are only system logs, tell me which ones you need to send to you.

@thepaul Load graphs from proxmox

Ok. Unfortunate. I don’t think any system logs will help to diagnose this.

Thank you for this. Clearly something was going on. This might not be enough to track down exactly what, but it could give some clues.

@thepaul log.7z - Google Drive syslog

@thepaul Will my node be unbanned?

I would be in favor of it. I think a community lead like @Alexey knows who would have to make the final decision.