Disqualified without suspended first

Today i got disqualified by one of satellites, every score was normal 100% since yesterday, but today i got email that my node has been disqualified, the audit decrease instantly until left it 48%. I thought it’s decrease little by little. is this bug or what? I should have got suspended notif first but no i just got disqualified

My node ID: 1AYpGqUzKAVCgqadbJVqn9Kh9qoqnm4Ua9ckdSCmyCNS6UpUY9

Your Storage Node on the europe-west-1 satellite has been disqualified and can no longer host data on the network.


To store data on this satellite again, you'll need to create a new node.

This is mean a huge lost in data happened someday, but an audit service discovered it today.
Please, check the reasons with https://support.storj.io/hc/en-us/articles/4403035941780-Why-is-my-node-disqualified-

There is no pre-suspension. The suspension is happened only for unknown errors or too much offline events.
Known errors like continuous timeouts or missed/altered files are accounted as audit failures.