DNS Config Caused Lost of Connection

My ISP started blocking port 80 and I went to my DNS record and set it for “Port Redirect 80”, so I can use the port for things I need to do, separate from storj. I did not expect setting that option would erase the “A” Record. So beware of that setting. I guess I will have to get a 2nd domain just for that.

I realized the problem today when checking the dashboard, shutdown the node and implemented a temporarily fix, set the contact address to my IP Address for now while I wait for the DNS Record update through the internet.

It was offline from the following days 9, 10, 11, (12-online now). The data is all good and healthy. So wondering on what the fallout from this be. Thanks.

Not much really. You can be offline for 288 hours before getting suspended, and you would still have a few days to fix an issue.

The only thing is that you will not get paid for the period you were offline, and the network starts relocating the data you hold after ~4 hours of being offline, so you might get a bit of data sent to trash as it’s been sent to other nodes.
Also your online scores probably dropped a bit.

Other than that, as long as activity is back (ingress/egress), node is up-to-date, displays “Online” and is healthy (data integrity / audit score), then you should be just fine :slight_smile: