Do I need to keep the node space empty?

Hi. I compromised 2TB for a node. It seems like it will take a few years to fill up. In the meantime, is there any inconvenience that I use this space for my own stuff? Do satellites check if the promised space is available? Would they think badly of me if they found I’m using some of the 2TB-40GB space for something else?


Best way is set 500 GB (minimum)
And if the node is 95-99% full set 600 next 700…

No, the space is not “sealed” like filecoin does.

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i believe there is a failsafe that should stop the node from accepting more data if your disk is running out of space…

However personally i wouldn’t test it as it’s a fairly recent addition and if you do run out of space it can damage or destroy the storagenode, so not worth the risk…

but yeah you can reduce the allocated space, even if it’s already used… then it will just take a while to drop down to the new level of capacity you set the node to.
this happens because it will not “eject” the data, but simply not allow more ingress until the deletions take it under the amount set in the configuration of the node.

So basically it’s safe to use the space when it’s allocated to the storagenode, just keep in mind that if you choke the node / fill the storagenode hdd to max capacity with other data, it can damage or destroy the storagenode.

so the safest way is ofc doing it like suggest by the previous replies.

but still you would be able to choke the node of storage capacity to work with… it will always need some space for doing various operations, the recommended amount is 10% + the capacity of the storagenode.

depending on your filesystem or such you will be able to either partition or allocate a fixed amount for the storagenode in your host operating system, this way you would not be able to over fill the hdd so much that it kills the node…

ofc then you cannot borrow the space the node isn’t using … or it’s not very practical to do so, if running multiple partitions or such.

Well, I don’t really want to reduce the allocated node space. Actually, if it fills up, I can move some data around and come up with 4 or 5 TB for the node. I just want to be able to use it without fearing consequences. Anyway, it makes no sense to keep 2TB sealed for years(?!)…
Bottom line, I should have offered the 0.5T minimum and increase the space as needed. But since I can use it if it’s not filled up, I won’t change the node parameters.


yeah the only real danger as i understand it, is if you over fill the hdd…

the node “should” stop on its own when it sees it’s running out of space on the hdd.