Do i need to port-forward different port for the second node in the same subnet


Do I need to port-forward different ports for the second node in the same subnet. So, instead of this ports

-p 28967:28967 is the core port used to connect with the network.

-p 14002:14002 is the port used for the storage node GUI dashboard.

should be different?

Yes, 1 port forward from your public IP to the nodes ip for each node.

Example -p 28968:28967

Frist port being the listening port on your LAN and wan and the second being your dockers internal port (identical on all nodes)


What do you mean by “subnet”? Ports should be different if both nodes are behind the same public IP, yes. As explained by @mike.

If by “subnet” you meant within the same /24 subnet then no, both nodes (running on different public IPs but within the same /24 subnet) could run on same ports.

Thanks for the confirmation

So in the router I have for the already running node:

private port: 28967
public port: 28967

If I want to add the second node when i am trying to open

private port : 28968
public port: 28967

I have an error as the port is overlaping

Actually I got it. Thx

could you elaborate your final set up