Do I still need to run Watchtower?

Sorry for the utterly basic question, but I read somewhere that the Docker Storagenode image now updates itself.
Does this mean I no longer need to run Watchtower and the nodes will update themselves?

Hi @ACarneiro

Short answer is yes, as that updates the base image.

@Alexey is likely to know more about this :slight_smile:

Hi ACarneiro,

ItsHass is correct. The node software itself will update itself. However, the base image may need to be updated from time to time for patching to the OS/Libraries it uses to support the application. It will be updated less frequently than the application itself. It’s a good idea to continue to run Watchtower to get these updates otherwise a future update of the node software may not function properly without it.


Thank you for that. I’ll keep it running as always :slight_smile:


But how to update the docker image in an easy matter? By stopping it, removing it and rerun or is there a better way?

The easiest way is to use watchtower. :wink:


Old question, just to keep updated. Still need to configure watchtower on server? If I have more then one node can I configure it in a easy way without write every single node?
Interval suggested?


Please look into the link, I had the same question a few days ago…

if I have 200 nodes? Without specify every single node will it update every containers?

Yes, if you don’t specify containers, everything running in docker will be updated. But if you want to update only the watchtower and/or storage nodes, you need to provide all of them (their names) as an argument.

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