Do storj have sothing like boto for S3 for python

Hello, is there any lib like boto (python) for S3, that simplify creating bucket updating data and so on?

One Option is using the bindings for C, Android, go or .Net. It should be possible execute one of those from python.

A simpler way is probably to use any library that can connect to S3 and then use either the public Gateway, reachable from within Storj DCS platform or setup your own gateway GitHub - storj/gateway-st: Minimal S3 compatible server for interacting with Storj Network.

You can also take a look on native connector with python binding: GitHub - storj-thirdparty/uplink-python: Python bindings for libuplink

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I can confirm that this library works for Python. You do need to install and setup Go properly, but just follow the uplink-python readme to do that. Once complete, you can control interactions with Storj using your Python skills.