Do these Docker changes impact SNO's?

Is this gonna affect Docker image for storagenode?

Not really, there are other places docker images can be hosted if Storj decide not to pay the few $$ for it as a commercial organization.

Technically, it would even be feasible to host the Storj docker images on Storj :laughing:

I wouldn’t worry about it, the actual docker image changes very infrequently with the main storagenode binary now being pulled independently within the docker image.

The bigger impact will be on build bots, upstream dependency’s are going to be am absolute nightmare if there is a mass exodus from docker hub - it also opens up for exploitation in the namespaces being left - I’m sure they will reconsider and just rate limit even more than they currently do :crossed_fingers:



Storj is not affected, we have a paid Docker account.


While I recommend doing as much as possible on Storj, docker image updates may be required to quickly update something that made nodes stop working. Relying on Storj may create a chicken and egg situation if in an extreme scenario a bad docker update has taken Storj down. So node updates is one of the few things that probably should never rely on Storj itself.

This could affect, if more Operators will start to use a custom wheel solutions to update the storagenode software.
But if they would use a standard storagenode-updater, they will not be affected.

Lets move to podman, I would be there if I could take watchtower with me and have it update correctly.

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