Do we need new defaults for logs?

Hey guys!

I saw my container crashing yesterday and found out it was because there was no space left on the dbs and logs SSD i have.

The current default settings will quickly fill up harddisks. With the new high egress, maybe it is time to reconsider some defaults in the manual?

I added

--log-opt max-size=100m \
--log-opt max-file=3 \

and after the name


Maybe something like that would make for a good default setting in the manual here:

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Right now Storj uses your Docker defaults for logging: to be consistent with the rest of your setup (on Ubuntu it would be stuff you set in /etc/docker/daemon.json - not sure where in Windows). So what you described is a way to opt-out of the defaults for the Storj container.

But I get what you’re saying: interesting idea! If it’s someones first use of Docker they may not even be thinking about the logs.

But that is by default empty, thous unlimited.

but I guess you are right, setting


would probably be enough.

I suppose it would be nice if the node also stopped ingress when there’s little space in the database directory? Like, less than 50 MB should be fine.

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