Docker container stops every day and nodes go offline


I have a question, I changed the write buffer size to 4 MiB, has it some cons to increase this value ? I have 20Go ram in my Nas, so I guess it’s only good.


I have 10GB and didn’t see any problems.

But what’s the best value to put ? min or max ? Like below 128 or more like 4MiB or even 8.

4 MiB is the best. If you are low on RAM, go lower. Don’t use more than 4. Vadim uses for exemple 2MiB.

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I turned all to 4, as i have 16 GB mine, and now 24-32 almost everywere

By the way don’t forget to remove the “♯”, otherwise it stays in comment and doesn’t change anything if I understand it right.

I don’t use the config file.

What command do you do ?

You can provide all additional options after the image name in your docker run command.

I have to add the new settings for timeouts.
And… I turned off the FW on all nodes, so you can change the setting in false.