Docker frozen fix then storj container not available

after the most recent storj update with watchtower, my docker froze. On reboot It would say docker was starting but would never fully start and just freeze. Docker was updated to latest version, reboot and docker still froze and wouldn’t finish starting. Only way around was I had to uninstall docker then reinstall and then docker came back to life.

Next problem I had to pull the new storagenode:beta but the message is no matching manifest amd64/windows 10.0.18362. per documentation setup instructions.

running windows 10 pro. didn’t have a problem with the last automatic update and everything was running fine until this morning at 8AM CT. looks like storagenode quit to do an update and froze.

Because you have upgraded to latest version you need add this new firewall rule.

Run powershell as admin:
New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName “Storj v3” -Direction Inbound –Protocol TCP –LocalPort 28967 -Action allow

thanks for that.

But it doesn’t resolve "no matching manifest for windows/amd64 10.0.18362

Can you post your docker run command after removing your personal details ?

run command doesn’t matter if I can’t pull the storagenode image, which is first. without the pull there is no container to run.

If your run command is exactly as shown in the support docs then you shouldn’t face this problem. I wanted to make sure you had the right format of the command but I trust you do.

The docker pull command precedes the run command. So @eagleye is right that the run command is irrelevant at that point. I’m not sure what’s going on why this doesn’t work though.

I have seen it first hand if you dont pull and directly execute the run command, docker still pulls the required image used in the command.

Not if a local version of that image already exists. This will just use the old image and not pull the updated one. I’m also pretty sure that if you do purge dangling images first, the run command would run into the same issue as the pull command.

That’s not what happened with me. I clearly remember I did prune, removed all containers, reinstalled docker then just executed the docker run and it pulled the required image. I had those =======> progress bars too for downloading new image.

You should switch to the Linux containers.

In windows? I always had them as windows containers prior to these updates. Any special commands on docker for windows after I do that?

Ok That worked.

Uninstalling and reinstalling docker was needed because prior to this problem docker wasn’t running well. I saw that switch but it also kept hanging until I uninstalled docker.

my issue has been resolved. thank you.

Yes. The storagenode is a Linux image. So, you must have a Linux containers enabled in Docker desktop for Windows.
Right click on the Docker desktop icon in the system tray and switch back to the Linux containers. This is default setting for Docker desktop.
I don’t know, why you have switched to the Windows containers.
The hanging probably related to

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I couldn’t see the watchtower hang in windows as obvious as in Linux. But, uninstalling and reinstalling docker disabled my watchtower and I will suspend running watchtower until I am sure the watchtower issue is fixed. Yes, my problems occurred as watchtower executed an update and my docker hung. I saw docker activity in processes running abnormally, but I didn’t know what was normal or abnormal at the time.

On Windows it’s a more easy than on Linux - you just can Reset the Docker from the Docker desktop application, even do not need to reinstall anything

A followup, After the update and fix and everything I did above, my node dashboard is only reporting 300GB of space used, yet prior to these problems I had over 1.6TB of data stored. My audits are running and not showing errors. Checking the folder and I still have 1.6TB of data stored in the node.

I ran the database repair command and it came back OK.

I did receive an error message after the storagenode update to 22.1 that the database was splitting and then there was an error. My log file no longer has that error as I was doing a manual update to prevent the watchtower problems.

I’'ve had an occasional error audit, 6 successful and 8 failed in 12 hours. most audits are successful.

Seems your database were corrupted and part of the historic data is lost. It should not affect your node reputation or something like that, but the stat will be not correct.