Docker image keeps restarting - panic: page 5 already freed [recovered]


My docker image keeps restarting every three seconds. It does not seem to be related to the other recent issues with restarts, so I’m making a new thread.

I have been using watchtower, and I think the system failed in the last couple of days.

Error message is here:

I’m running everything on a raspberry pi 3B with Stretch, data is stored on a NAS shared over NFS. Everything has been working up until this point.

I’m quite new to both Storj and Docker, so not sure where to start looking.

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Hello @leoeld,
Welcome to the forum!

Please, stop the container docker stop -t 300 storagenode, rename the kademlia file and start the container back docker start storagenode

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Thank you for the quick response, this resolved the issue :slight_smile: