Docker image tags

Hey all,

The storagenode docker image is still tagged with alpha/beta/arm. That’s a point and I saw comments in other topics saying these tags will change after a certain maturity.

Static tags are useful with watchtower but it’s not production ready. We never use the “latest” tag in a production platform. In my case, my storage nodes are running in Kubernetes and I maintain an helm chart To update my nodes, I have to delete each pods and manually check if the application has been correctly updated.

A nice to have should be to have the choice. You use watchtower? Right, use the latest (or beta for now) tag. You want to use an explicit tag? Use the tag v0.35.3…

So, what do you think? Is the tag policy will evolve?


I wrote my own script for nodes update. It checks urls from and Docker images with beta tag.

Good to know that versions could be tracked there. Do you know if this endpoint is in sync with the docker update?

I could also develop a script as watchtower does, but I would really prefer to use that script to trigger a build pipeline and publish a new helm chart.

It is not synced. Docker images usualy posted some time after when cursor go to ffff…