Docker is a US company, we must comply with US export control regulations. In an effort to comply with these, we now block all IP addresses that are located in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Republic of Crimea, Sudan, and Syria

Hello Sirs,
During restart of node, I got this message. I am not in indicated regions, but in Russia.
Da you know what to do? Link in the message is also blocked


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From the message I think it’s not a problem with Storj but from Docker itself.


looks like the docker stub was updated may 30th…

new text - don’t hate me just the messenger, as you might not see.

Since Docker is a US company, we must comply with US export control regulations. In an effort to comply with these, we now block all IP addresses that are located in Cuba, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Republic of Crimea, Sudan, and Syria.

Admins, please don’t ban me, not a fan of opensource censorship, I’m just posting a link to some information, if that’s against rules, please delete this post.



This means all nodes in Russia running in Docker just gone dark?


No, they just can’t build new one. Any existings will run fine. And there’s other options like using the binary storagenode.


or restart them (which will be restarted anyways with next update), as OP shows.


I think there are many ways around it. I would test if you can use a VPN to build the container and then use your normal IP for the node

The message says to contact them at with questions. What did Docker Support say?

This is interesting, as AFAIK there were no specifically new sanctions of this type recently in the States. So either Docker “finally” complied with some of the sanctions established earlier, or they did it on their own account.

In any case, this is something that Storj Inc. has already prepared for, so there is no risk for the Storj network here.


But Storj is also an US company. Dosen’t have to comply with those regulations, and block all storagenodes in those countries?
Also Microsoft and Github. Does this mean that all the opensource software posted on Github, including Sorj software should block access for those countries?
I’m not for this bans, I just want to clarify the situation.


yeah, sooner or later. I hope Storj has well prepared for this.

Maybe this will help

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Будем надеяться, что Storj не последует такому примеру. И официально разъяснит свою позицию. А как работать с docker, мы разберемся.

Я уже разобрался:
Вот этот файл нужно поменять (вложение),
вот по такому адресу:

При сбросе к заводским, нужно опять менять. Впоследствии могут измениться зеркала, нужно будет другие адреса подставить
Если сторж примет такое-же решение (но надеюсь здравый смысл возобладает), придется работать через ВПН. У меня 20нод с объемом под 200Тб, я не готов их выкинуть просто так

чт, 30 мая 2024 г. в 21:58, EvilMalamute via Storj Community Forum (official) <>:

(Attachment daemon.json is missing)

Не прикрепился файл. Вот текст:

“registry-mirrors”: [“”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”],
“insecure-registries”: ,
“debug”: true,
“experimental”: false

Если это сообщение что-то нарушает, прошу не банить, но сообщение удалить.

С уважением,

You may use mirrors, because for example Google is following the laws, unlike Docker, but it’s my opinion.

Docker unblocked russian users.

Docker Hub Unbanned

We won! Docker Hub is available again in Russia.

Support for will continue until June 14, 2024, 15:00 UTC. After that time, we will begin shutting down the circumvention services. Documentation will remain available for historical purposes.

It has been an incredible experience, and we thank everyone who supported us during the short lifespan of the project.

so long and thanks for all the fish

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