Docker on the wrong network

I hope this isn’t giving away too much info. My node has been offline for about 4 days now. I have spent HOURS reading forums and trying different things. I just noticed that the docker is on the But my main computer is on the Could this be the reason my node has been offline so long? Does anyone have any ideas on how to get my node back online? thanks, kindly.

Docker by default uses private IP address ranges. Both, the (Docker) and / (NAT) are private IP addresses, which are accessible only to yourself. You have to use port forwarding within your docker run command and your router/firewall.

You can’t use either of them for your node. you have to use your external (WAN) address.
You should be able to see it in your router configuration or test it with an online service like IPify.

So you are telling your node was online before? what changed? Whats your Docker run command?

ITs the weirdest thing. After DAYS of scratching my head and opening a new topic, its online now…

may be it’s crashing from time to time?

docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep FATAL

Is it luck, me, or am I making poor node choices from a hardware standpoint? (I feel like my node(s) go offline about once a month or more and it seeming like a different reason each time.) I would love to run that command; however, my second node went down, again.

Running " docker ps -a > temp.txt" only shows the first node running and not the second.

I tried running my docker run script and got an error message. I do not recall what the message was.

I rebooted the system and am getting the following message from my Linux OS.
[sdb] No Caching mode page found
[sdb] Assuming driver cache: write through
tag0 timing out command, waited 180s.

Do you know what might be going on here? Now both nodes are offline again.

thanks kindly

** sigh of frustration**

Please post the last 20 lines from the node’s logs here between two new lines with three backticks like this:

log lines here