Docker on Windows almost disqualified, Windows GUI saved the day

I noticed that once again docker was constantly crashing or becoming unresponsive on a Windows 10 machine. I am fairly confident that this has led in the past - Docker interaction, in some form - to my node being disqualified on 2 satelites. (No, the drive is fine.) Today I saw the beginning of the same happening with docker crashing again and simply not responing to any command. At the same time my audit score on the remaning 3 satelites dropped suddenly to ~91%. Suddenly as in a span of a few hours at most.

Luckily, this time I was there to catch it in the act and I did what I planned (and should have done) a long time ago. I carefully switched over to Windows GUI installation, following the migration instructions. Not 10 minutes have passed and my audit score on all 3 remaining satelites started to creep back up. A few hours later my audit score is once again 99%+ and steady 100% ever since.

I just though I would leave this here. As someone who had storagenode downtimes and other issue related in most cases to Docker, I recommend not using Docker on Windows for Storj.

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It has been adviced not to use docker on windows for probably more than half a year now… For exactly these kind of problems. Docker was never reliable on windows.

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May I ask why using Windows 10 for this purpose?

I can understand that some people are more comfortable with Windows environments but:

  • Linux is free ; Windows is not
  • From what I’ve heard here, Linux seems to be more reliable than Windows
  • Linux is more lightweight than Windows

It is just a question, I don’t want to troll :slight_smile:
I probably missed something about the interest of running a Storage Node on Windows.

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Also, if you still forced to use a docker on Windows, please, use only version of Docker desktop. All newer versions are have bugs related either to networking or storage.

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