Docker repository for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS not available?

If you use -p :14002:14002 instead, it will work from any PC in your LAN.

A bit thank you to all for your help. My node is finally working. I have both ingress and egress for the first time. The only changes I have made since my last comment is that I restarted the node & added the -p :14002:14002 to the docker run command.

I am also able to view the dashboard on any PC on my network.

I think I had several issues overall. Firstly the incorrect storage location address stated in the run command, the incorrect address stated in the run command for viewing the dashboard and all combined with my limited understanding of the docker engine meaning I made mistakes when setting up the node.

One think I am liking is the much reduced power consumption of running a node in Ubuntu over windows. 150 / 200 watts less. :slight_smile: