Docker Requirement

Are there plans to get rid of the docker requirement? I run my node from before v2 in a VM on hyper-V I would like to run a node in the newer versions in this VM however if the docker requirement remains I will be unable to do so.

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We’ll continue to support Docker, but the plan is to branch put beyond and will release code and tutorials for running Storj on popular NAS over the next few weeks.but we will not require docker as our only means. (We’ve been using docker to help with auto upgrades)


You can run a docker in the Linux VM, in this case it doesn’t requires the virtualization as Docker desktop.

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You can simply extract /app/storagenode from the Docker container and run it on the host system. It’s a simple statically-linked binary. No Docker or other virtualization required.

Docker is not a virtualization. But the Docker desktop is using the virtualization, because neither Windows nor MacOS are supporting the Linux containers.

Well, yes, obviously on MacOS or Windows you need some sort of VM to run the storage manager, and Docker may well be the easiest way to get that. On Linux? not so.

I think you didn’t read how the Docker works:
The Linux is a easiest way to run docker containers, they are executed on the host in the isolated environment and they uses the same kernel as your OS, so they work as fast as a plain binary directly on your OS. There is almost no difference except security and isolation.
The Windows and MacOS are forced to use a Linux VM to execute a Linux docker containers. So, in the Windows and MacOS it is more complicated than on Linux